Yamaha Tyros5 61 Key Workstation
Yamaha Tyros5 61 Key Workstation,SGD $7,888,Singapore

Yamaha Tyros5 61 Key Workstation

The Yamaha Tyros5 61 Key Workstation includes free shipping to Singapore at the best price of SGD $7,888. Serviced regions include Kuala Lumpur , Klang , Kampung Baru Subang and Johor Bahru.
SGD $7,888
Product Description

The Yamaha Tyros is still the ultimate performance arranger keyboard -and the Tyros5 builds on the line's decade-long tradition with even more sounds, more styles, and enhanced DSP effects. Tyros puts the power of Yamaha's industry-standard Motif sound set at your fingertips, as well as Super Articulation 2 voices for ensemble voices that sound and respond like a group of actual musicians -plus a library of vocal sounds including classical and gospel choirs and jazz scat vocals. Add the Tyros5's 300+ new voices and styles, updated DSP effects such as Real Reverb and Real Distortion, plus redesigned organ sounds, and what do you have? Yamaha's most realistic-sounding, performance-ready arranger synth.

Meet Your New Backing Band
"Arranger" keyboards like the Tyros5 differ from their "synth workstation" siblings in that they're specifically designed for real-time performance using built-in accompaniment styles. You control the tempo and play the keyboard, letting the Tyros fill in percussion, bass, string pads, rhythm guitar, or any instruments you like. Simply select one of the 500+ built-in music Styles -like AcousticBlues or 80sShuffle -to bring up a palette that matches your musical idea, then press buttons on the left side of the control panel for intros, fills, variations, and endings as you play. The Tyros5's Music Finder function helps you find the perfect Style for any music you'd like to play, searching by song title, genre, or keyword. Meanwhile, the One Touch Setting button automatically calls up voices or and effects well-suited to the currently selected Style. Everything about this keyboard is designed to help you do less paging through menus, and more making music -with the Tyros providing versatile accompaniment along the way.

More Sounds, More Possibilities
Crafting rich organ tones on the Tyros just got a lot easier with Organ World, Yamaha's redesigned digital organ. With organ-style controls and 5 voices to choose from (Vintage, Home, Euro, Concert and Theatre), Organ World enables you to create precisely the right organ tone for any situation and adjust it in real time while you play. The Tyros5 also adds 300 sounds -including guitars, brass, synths, electric pianos and upright pianos -to the Tyros' already deep and expansive sound set. The Tyros5 contains the entire Motif soundset and Yamaha's famous Super Articulation voices, designed to behave like the real-world instruments they emulate. Horns make gentle slides when you play legato; grace notes when you play staccato. Guitars make string noises; violins swell when you lean into the notes. Even Yamaha's beautiful pianos are SA2 voices, with all the resonance and key-off sounds that bring a keyboard instrument to life.

Authentic Ensemble Performance
Playing with multi-part ensemble instrument voices reaches a new level of realism with the Ensemble Voice feature. Ensemble Voice reproduces true "divisi" playing, meaning that if you hit 2 notes with a Brass Quartet Voice, Tyros5 sends the trumpets to the high notes and the trumbones to the low notes instead of playing the entire horn ensemble on every individual note. Ensemble Voice also reproduces the small timing variations and idiosyncrasies of real musicians playing together which, taken together with the "divisi" capabilities, simulates the sound of actual performers.

A Vocal Powerhouse
The human voice is arguably the most difficult instrument to recreate convincingly. Yamaha makes a leap forward in vocal sampling technology on the Tyros, coaxing authentic shoo-be-doo-bah backing vocals via Wave Cycling technology and realistic dynamics. Plug in a microphone to the built-in 1/4-inch/XLR combination jack to trigger 1, 2, or 3 harmony parts with your own voice. The VH2 harmony engine analyzes the chords you play on the keyboard (or chordal data saved in a song) and generates backing vocals within the chords, using breathtaking Super Articulation Choir voices. Add effects like Vocal Doubler or Delay, or use the Tyros' Synth Vocoder mode to filter the Tyros' voices through your own for classic robotic vocals.

Enhanced DSP Effects
The Yamaha Tyros5's DSP effects have been redesigned to sound and operate like actual vintage effects units. The Real Reverb improves over previous Tyros reverbs by using more sophisticated algorithms to create fuller, more natural reverb. The Real Distortion effects are based on models of guitar amplifiers from the 60's and 70's, giving you classic sounding, easy-to-use overdrive. Yamaha's VCM (Virtual Circuit Modeling) technology models the actual individual electronic components of the original vintage gear, providing the same professional level effects processing as Yamaha's high-end mixers.

Record to a USB Thumb Drive
As you'd expect from a top-of-the-line keyboard, the Yamaha Tyros5 is packed with professional features under the hood, yet with the ease-of-use that's the hallmark of this instrument. Quick Recording Mode lets you instantly capture your performance -including input from the vocal microphone -to a 44.1 kHz, 16-bit WAV audio file on your USB thumb drive or the Tyros' internal 500GB hard drive. Multitrack Recording Mode lets you layer two parts with full punch-in/out capability, and bounce the finished product down to a WAV. You can even import commercial WAV or MP3 files and record yourself playing along, or use imported files as backing tracks for live performance that you save right within your Tyros. And of course, the Tyros5's USB port lets you connect to your computer as a MIDI interface, and use Yamaha's bundled Voice Editor software to create your own custom voices.

16-Track Song Sequencer Built In
Capture your performance along with any Style as a MIDI sequence -or simply record along with a metronome -on the Tyros' built-in 16-track Song sequencer. You can play along with your own sequences, the Tyros' preset Songs, or any commercially available MIDI files, displaying music score notation on the Tyros' large, bright 7.5-inch display. If your song contains lyric data, press the Lyrics/Text button to view it during playback. Or use a USB thumb drive to load in a .TXT file from your computer with words and chords.

The Well-Connected Tyros
On the back of the Tyros5, you'll find dedicated jacks for the optional Yamaha TRS-MS04 subwoofer and speaker set that mounts directly to your keyboard, Or use your own amp/speakers, plugging them into the Tyros' six standard 1/4-inch Line Out jacks. You can even connect your Tyros' signal to an external processor, and return the signal via stereo 1/4-inch Aux Input jacks -or plug a CD player or MP3 player into the Aux Ins to hear them through your Tyros' speakers or headphones. Connect the RGB video output to an external computer display or TV to display your lyrics and chords on a large screen, and plug in up to 3 pedals to the Assignable Foot Pedal jacks. And of course, there are also 4 jacks for connecting to any MIDI gear.

Equally well-suited for home, studio, or live performance, Yamaha's Tyros5 puts stunningly realistic bands, orchestras, ensembles and choirs at your disposal with its wealth of amazingly authentic voices and Styles. With the addition of even more incredible-sounding voices and effects, you'll be amazed by the music that the Tyros5 lets you create with just your own two hands.

Yamaha Tyros5 61 Key Workstation Features

  • 61-key FSX keyboard with aftertouch
  • Over 1790 voices, including Yamaha's Motif sound set, Organ World, Ensemble Voices, and much more
  • More realistic sounds with Super Articulation 2 voices, including improved flutes and horns
  • Enhanced, powerful DSP including Real Reverb and Real Distortion effects
  • VCM circuit modeling provides accurate sounding emulations of older analog effects
  • Super Articulation Choir voices provide authentic vocals
  • Expand your sound set with Yamaha's optional flash memory
  • 539 flexible Accompaniment Styles
  • 16-track Song Sequencer -record your performance as MIDI
  • 2-track Audio Recorder -capture live performances fast
  • 7.5-inch color LCD with musical score notation and lyrics display
  • USB port for your thumb drive
  • 1/4-inch/XLR microphone input
  • VH2 vocal harmony generator and vocoder work with your own voice
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