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Steinberg Cubase Pro 9 (boxed) Price In Singapore

Steinberg Cubase Pro 9 (boxed)

The Steinberg Cubase Pro 9 (boxed) includes free shipping to Singapore at the best price of SGD $669. Serviced regions include Kuala Lumpur , Klang , Kampung Baru Subang and Johor Bahru.
SGD $669
Product Description
Today's Hottest Audio Tools Under One Roof

Cubase 9 boasts some of today's most advanced and in-demand audio tools in a massively comprehensive package. Steinberg assembled a dream team of its finest virtual instruments and designer audio effects to inspire in its users greater performances and groundbreaking mixes. An unlimited track count, flexible routing and rendering, and an award-winning audio engine will allow even veteran users to discover new and satisfying ways to craft audio. It's no mystery why Cubase is preferred by professional artists across the globe — from prolific film composer Hans Zimmer to scene sweethearts Chvrches. And with its latest features, Cubase Pro 9 may be the best DAW you ever buy.

NOTE: This boxed version of Cubase Pro 9 includes one Steinberg eLicenser Key. Requires a 64-bit operating system.

New Features in Cubase 9 Mix and edit from the same window with the Lower Zone

Laptop and single-screen users will enjoy Cubase 9's Lower Zone, which provides access to the MixConsole and your favorite editors without leaving the Project window. Mix, edit, and process your tracks in whatever layout feels natural.

Build loops & phrases with Sampler Track + Caleidoscope

Cubase 9's integrated sample editor, Sampler Track, chops-and-screws any piece of audio for building loops and one-shots on the spot. Pitch-shift vocals and filter beats directly within the editor to create your own remixes and mash-ups. And if you're just getting started, Cubase 9's Caleidoscope sample library has hundreds of samples and presets baked right in.

Organize entrances and cues with multiple Marker Tracks

With ten Marker Tracks at your disposal, Cubase 9 all but guarantees your session musicians never miss a cue. Not just that, but Marker Tracks also pinpoint vocal entrances, horn swells, drum fills, and guitar solos for speedier edits. You can even export stems from the markers for easy collaborations.

Mold audio to your will with Frequency

Never has a stock EQ been as smooth, surgical, or as powerful as Frequency. This 8-band equalizer helps you visualize bands as you're boosting or cutting, with both a spectrum display and piano keyboard window. Advanced features — including a band-selectable Linear Phase mode that reduces phase distortion on steep highpass and lowpass filters — give professionals the power they need to shape their tracks however their session demands.

Keep your work competitive with the new Maximizer

The overhauled Maximizer plug-in keeps tracks at a competitive level. The clean new look makes Maximizer easier than ever to adjust. Features and modes — the transparent Classic mode and contemporary Modern mode — are intuitively placed on the front panel.

Protect sessions with Plug-in Sentinel

Audio folks go to great lengths to protect their systems from malware and corrupted plug-ins. But even today's internet-free, dedicated audio system, is subject to infection. Plug-in Sentinel eliminates pre-project anxiety by scanning for invalid or harmful plug-ins at startup.

Packed with Powerful Production Tools Crowdsource creativity with collaboration tools

Steinberg Cubase Pro 9 aims to bring musicians together all over the world with remote collaboration. Save projects to the cloud using VST Transit. Then invite friends and colleagues to flesh out your tracks with VST Connect SE 4 — you can even find online collaborators directly within the tool. Built-in messaging makes the process seamless and fun.

Track performances IRL, or craft songs ITB

Whether you capture audio in the real world or generate it in the box, Cubase 9 is the DAW to use for seeing your projects from concept to completion. Recording engineers will appreciate Cubase 9's advanced routing and bouncing options. And songwriters and composers of all backgrounds will enjoy its streamlined interface and satisfying virtual instruments.

Shape audio with a full-featured FX suite

Everything you need to shape, mold, and mangle your audio is at your fingertips with Cubase. Version 9 includes a full suite of audio effects with rich features and streamlined interfaces. Fatten drums, tune vocals, tame brass, and texture guitar layers natively, without spending extra on third-party plug-ins.

Write better songs with Chord Assistant

You don't have to be a music theory wizard to build compelling tracks in Cubase 9. Chord Assistant takes your starting chord and suggests a number of chord progressions based on a set of harmonic rules. This is helpful when writing engaging verses, choruses, or for penning a dramatic bridge before your final hook.

Make beats with Groove Agent SE 4

Even with a great drummer and a quality kit, the time and effort it takes to properly capture a drum groove can be stifling to creativity. That's why Cubase 9's Groove Agent SE 4 lets you control pro-recorded acoustic kits and classic drum machines from your controller. You can even blend acoustic and electronic kits (up to four at once) to create never-before-heard textures.

Integrates seamlessly with Steinberg and Yamaha hardware

Every piece of Steinberg hardware, plus a growing number of Yamaha interfaces and controllers, integrates perfectly within Cubase 9. This is joyous news for electronic drummers, keyboardists, and recording engineers who want to take full advantage of the hardware they already own.

Cubase 9 Upgrade Information Cubase 8.5 users upgrade for free!

Here's good news for existing users — if you purchased Cubase 8.5 Pro on or after 10/26/16, you're eligible to upgrade to Cubase Pro 9 for free. Call your AudioBuy Sales Engineer for upgrade information.

Which version is right for me?

Not sure which version of Cubase 9 is right for you? We've included a comparison chart for your convenience. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to call your AudioBuy Sales Engineer. We undergo extensive training on Steinberg products, and we're happy to help you find an option that suits your needs and budget.

Steinberg Cubase Pro 9 DAW Software Features:
  • The most powerful Cubase yet
  • Full-featured for the most demanding music producer
  • Perfect for professional audio engineers, songwriters, composers, and conductors
  • Capable of recording audio in future-proof 32-bit/192kHz quality
  • Build 5.1 surround mixes for film and game scores
  • Detects tempos for beat quantization
  • Lower Zone lets you mix and edit from the Project window
  • Sampler Track sample editor creates loops and one-shots from any piece of audio
  • Frequency is Steinberg's smoothest, most surgical EQ plug-in to date
  • 10 Marker Tracks to organize each instrument section's entrances and cues
  • Overhauled Maximizer and other plug-in GUIs speed up workflow
  • Plug-in Sentinel protects your system against invalid plug-ins
  • Chord Assistant suggests chords for your verses, choruses, and bridges
  • Groove Agent SE 4 builds beats with lifelike drum kits and inspiring drum machines
  • VST Transit saves projects to the cloud
  • VST Connect SE 4 locates and enables users to collaborate on projects remotely
  • Integrates seamlessly with all Steinberg and most Yamaha hardware
  • Unlimited track count — limited only by your computer resources!
  • Supports up to 256 physical in and outs
  • 8 virtual instruments and 64 VSTi slots to build textures inside the box
  • 74 audio FX plug-ins to mold and shape sounds to your will
  • 3,030 included instrument sounds 
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