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ROLI Seaboard GRAND Stage Price In Singapore

ROLI Seaboard GRAND Stage

ROLI Seaboard
The ROLI Seaboard GRAND Stage includes free shipping to Singapore at the best price of SGD $4,580. Serviced regions include Kuala Lumpur , Klang , Kampung Baru Subang and Johor Bahru.
SGD $4,580
Product Description

Getting your hands on the Roli Seaboard GRAND Stage keyboard controller is like experiencing a new instrument for the first time, albeit one that will feel familiar to any keyboardist or pianist. This squishy keybed with 61 "Keywaves" is more sensitive to your touch than any traditional keyboard ever was and offers polyphonic pitch bend and aftertouch. You can slide notes like a cellist, add vibrato like a guitarist, and make tonal changes on a per-note basis, either with the included Equator and Synth Squad instruments or your own favorite software instruments. You can even save your favorite sounds to the embedded processor on the Seaboard and play it like a standalone keyboard with no computer required. You'll be able to create more depth and dynamic interest in your performances than you have ever experienced before - with the Roli Seaboard GRAND Stage.

Roli Seaboard GRAND Stage 61-note USB Keyboard

  •     Keywave playing surface has unprecedented expressive potential
  •     Polyphonic pitch bend and aftertouch enhance any performance
  •     Slide notes just like with a ribbon controller
  •     Comes with two software instruments designed specifically for Seaboard
  •     Embed your favorite sounds and use the Seaboard as a standalone instrument

Keywave playing surface has unprecedented expressive potential

The smooth playing surface on the Seaboard GRAND Stage has 61 molded Keywaves arranged similarly to a typical piano keyboard. When we first got our hands on it at Australia, it only took a moment to adapt to the lack of physical keys. We also noticed the amazing sensitivity: the response is adjustable, and at the most extreme sensitivity settings you barely need to touch a Keywave to play a note. Digging into chords and emphasizing certain notes felt much more satisfying than the aftertouch found on most keyboards. And it quickly becomes second nature to wiggle notes for a vibrato effect. Sit down at the Seaboard GRAND Stage and play a piece you know well, and you'll soon discover more expressive potential than you ever had with a traditional keyboard.

Polyphonic pitch bend and aftertouch enhance any performance

With the Roli Seaboard GRAND Stage, you can strike a chord, then bend the pitch of just a single note, or add pressure to a single note to add modulation, while other notes remain unaffected. It's this level of expression that allows you to perform with more dynamics and nuance than you would have with a typical keyboard.

Slide notes just as with a ribbon controller

Because the Seaboard GRAND Stage's Keywaves all flow together, you can actually slide between notes the same way you can on a fretless instrument. Just hit one note, slide your finger along the Keywaves, and the note will glide right along. And the flat area in front of the Keywaves acts as a ribbon controller, allowing you to play notes and slide between them.

Comes with two software instruments designed specifically for Seaboard

Along with the Seaboard GRAND Stage you'll receive two outstanding software instruments for Mac: Roli's Equator synthesizer, and FXpansion's Synth Squad Player for Seaboard. Both of these are custom instruments that take advantage of Seaboard's advanced expressive capabilities. Browse hundreds of presets directly from the Seaboard using the SoundDial: from realistic pianos and guitars to evocative pads and extreme synth leads. And of course, you can use the Seaboard GRAND Stage as a controller for all of your other virtual instruments, too.

Embed your favorite sounds and use the Seaboard as a standalone instrument

The Roli Seaboard GRAND Stage isn't just a USB keyboard controller, it can also be used as a standalone instrument. Just explore the Equator software instrument, find sounds you like, and upload them to your Seaboard's embedded processor. Connect the audio outputs to a PA system or amplifier or connect headphones for private practice.

Roli Seaboard GRAND Stage 61-note USB Keyboard Features:

  •     61-note USB controller with embedded processor for standalone use
  •     Keywave playing surface allows you to slide between notes and use unique playing techniques
  •     Supports polyphonic pitch bend and aftertouch
  •     3 pedal inputs offer even more expressive potential
  •     Reassuringly rugged with all-metal construction
  •     Comes with 2 software instruments: FXpansion Synth Squad Player for Seaboard (Mac) and Equator (Mac)
  •     Sounds from Equator can be uploaded to the Seaboard's embedded processor for standalone use
  •     Audio outputs for connecting to a PA or amplifier, with a headphone output for practice sessions

Perform with more expression than ever, with the Roli Seaboard GRAND Stage!

ROLI Seaboard GRAND Stage Tech Specs

  • Number of Keys     61
  • Type of Keys     Keywaves
  • Aftertouch     Yes
  • Pads     61
  • Hardware Requirements - Mac     Intel Core i5 2.5GHz or higher, 4 GB RAM
  • OS Requirements - Mac     OS X 10.7 or later
  • Pedal Inputs     3 x 1/4" (Continuous Pedal Inputs)
  • MIDI I/O     USB 2.0
  • USB     Yes
  • Power Supply     9-12V DC Power Supply included
  • Height     1.0''
  • Width     36.9''
  • Depth     13.3''
  • Weight     15.4 lbs.
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