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Pittsburgh Modular System 90 Modular Analog Synthesizer Price In Singapore

Pittsburgh Modular System 90 Modular Analog Synthesizer

Pittsburgh Modular
The Pittsburgh Modular System 90 Modular Analog Synthesizer includes free shipping to Singapore at the best price of SGD $2,558. Serviced regions include Kuala Lumpur , Klang , Kampung Baru Subang and Johor Bahru.
SGD $2,558
Product Description

When it comes to hybrid analog/digital synthesis, the Pittsburgh Modular System 90 synth module knocks it out of the park. This desktop synth combines the sound of Pittsburgh Modular's digital DNA Symbiotic Waves oscillator with an analog complex-waveform oscillator, plus all the old-school routing, patching, and modulation options you could ask for. If you're looking for a different kind of synth, keep your eye on this one.

Pittsburgh Modular System 90 Hybrid Analog/Digital Synthesizer Features
  • This unique 2-oscillator synthesizer uses cutting-edge analog and digital synthesis
  • Digital DNA Symbiotic Waves oscillator offers extremely sophisticated waveform processing
  • Second-generation complex waveform oscillator provides smooth analog sound
  • Dual multifunction envelopes and advanced modulation offer a wide range of creative potential
  • Triple-mode lowpass gate lets you create natural-sounding articulations and organic effects

Pittsburgh Modular's System 90 gives you a hefty dose of classic modular analog synthesis along with their extremely cool DNA Symbiotic Waves module - a dual-oscillator digital waveform processor with 16 waveforms per oscillator and 16 waveform combination methods. When you combine that with the System 90's analog waveform generator, Toolbox module, lowpass filter, and amazing modulation sources, there's no end to the exhilarating sounds you can create. And with both CV and MIDI inputs onboard, it's easy to integrate your Pittsburgh Modular System 90 with the rest of your music-creation system.

Pittsburgh Modular System 90 Hybrid Modular Synthesizer at a Glance
  • Fully modular format lets you build your sounds from the ground up
  • Open-format modular synthesizer delivers Eurorack flexibility
  • An awesome way to expand your rig, no matter what synths you play
Fully modular format lets you build your sounds from the ground up

If you're craving something old-school and refreshingly genuine, then you're going to get a kick out of the Pittsburgh Modular System 90. Rather than considering the System 90 as a single monosynth, think about it as a series of fully independent modules. Unless you patch these modules together, nothing's going to happen. That's a beautiful thing, because it means you can arrange and reorder each section of your synth in any way you like. This opens up the doors for anything from basic subtractive synthesis to extremely complex cross modulation.

Open-format modular synthesizer delivers Eurorack flexibility

Another advantage to the Pittsburgh Modular System 90 synthesizer is the flexibility of the Eurorack format. In the world of modular synthesis, the Eurorack has emerged as something of a standard. That means each module in the System 90 is the same height, has the same maximum depth, and uses the same connector to attach to a node on the power supply. The benefit for you is that you can buy other Eurorack modules and synths (you'll find several right here at Australia) and swap out sections as you like.

An awesome way to expand your rig, no matter what synths you play

If you're grabbing a Pittsburgh Modular System 90 to kick off your modular synth rig, then congratulations, you're going to love it. But if you're building on to the rig you already have, then you've going to find tons of cool uses for this collection of killer analog modules. What's more, with its MIDI to CV Midi2 module, you can easily connect your System 90 to your computer DAW, adding the perfect dose of analog goodness to your digital production.

Pittsburgh Modular System 90 Hybrid Modular Synthesizer Features
  • Sophisticated fully modular hybrid analog/digital synthesizer based on old-school analog synthesis
  • Functions as a standalone instrument but incorporates into your modular rig with ease
  • Modules includes 1 Midi2, 1 DNA Symbiotic Waves, 1 Waveforms, 1 LFO2, 1 Toolbox, 1 Mix Mult, 1 Lopass Gate, 2 Envelope, 1 Dual VCA, and 1 Outs
  • DNA Symbiotic Waves digital oscillator gives you 16 waveforms per oscillator and 16 combination methods to create complex sounds
  • Complex analog oscillator include multiple waveforms, suboscillators, and onboard modulation
  • Toolbox module adds slew, noise, sample and hold, and voltage inversion capabilities
  • Comes mounted in a classy, wood-paneled Eurorack case with integrated power supply

Get classic analog modular synthesis and a whole lot more with a Pittsburgh Modular System 90!

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