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iZotope RX 4 Audio Repair Toolkit (Download) Price In Singapore

iZotope RX 4 Audio Repair Toolkit (Download)

iZotope Plugins
The iZotope RX 4 Audio Repair Toolkit (Download) includes free shipping to Singapore at the best price of SGD $434. Serviced regions include Kuala Lumpur , Klang , Kampung Baru Subang and Johor Bahru.
SGD $434
Product Description
From the fast-paced world of music production to the high-stakes film and video post-production industry, iZotope RX has established itself as an essential part of the mixing process. RX 4 builds on that amazing foundation, offering you more and better ways to elevate flawed audio up to a professional standard. Whether you're dealing with a distorted string quartet stem or an interview recorded in a moving car, RX 4 gives you the tools you need to remove the noise and restore the details. And with its powerful combination of workflow tools, automatic processing, and precision editing, iZotope RX 4 lets you spend far less time fixing files, so you can stay focused on your work.

iZotope RX 4 Audio Restoration Suite at a Glance
  •     Simple yet comprehensive interface
  •     Eradicate noise and restore recordings
  •     Prepare your clips for action
  •     Accomplish more with RX 4 Advanced
  •     Workflow tools keep you on schedule
One of the things that Australia have come to appreciate about iZotope products in general is that no matter how much they can do, they're still simple to navigate and easy to use. When it comes to usability, RX 4 knocks it out of the park. Its unique graphical spectrogram display isn't just easy to read; it makes isolating humming and buzzing positively intuitive. What few fine controls you need are user friendly and resemble graphic editing tools. What's more, the vast majority of operations are entirely automated, which takes the stress and guesswork out of audio restoration.
  •     Straightforward interface makes operation intuitive
  •     Main window includes metering and transport options
  •     Detailed spectrogram lets you see across the spectrum
  •     Modules let you select only the controls you need
  •     Choose automatic or manual processing modes
To make RX 4 easy to navigate, iZotope broke the software down into modules, each with a specific function dedicated either to restoring or processing audio. If you're dealing with HVAC rumble, transformer buzz, or other steady-state noise, the Denoiser module, which you can either train or run in autopilot, will sort it out. RX 4's new Dialogue Denoiser even works miracles on room tone. Declicker and Decrackle are lifesavers when it comes to restoring old recordings, and Declipper can save takes you were sure couldn't be salvaged due to a sudden volume spike. Adaptive Hum Removal cuts out low-frequency hum, even if it isn't consistent, and Spectral Repair works wonders on intermittent noises, intelligently filling in the gaps by learning from the surrounding audio.
  •     Task-based modules focus on specific audio issues
  •     Denoiser eliminates persistent background noises
  •     Declicker and Decrackle fix analog recording glitches
  •     Hum removal eliminates 50–60Hz electrical hum
  •     Spectral Repair lets you cut out specific problems
Although iZotope clearly designed RX 4 to be first and foremost an audio-restoration and noise-removal tool, they loaded it with some powerful production-prep processors as well, which can seriously streamline your workflow. For starters, iZotope included automation-style clip gain into the RX 4 user interface, allowing you to make variable volume changes, without bouncing audio back to your DAW. On that same note, there's a powerful 6-band parametric equalizer built into RX 4, complete with filtering. When combined with RX 4's batch processing capabilities, this EQ can do marvels for prepping samples and clips for further production. Additional processes including resampling and MBIT+ Dithering also make file conversion painless.
  •     Built-in processors for essential audio production
  •     6-band parametric EQ module includes filtering
  •     Clip gain lets you balance levels and dynamics
  •     MBIT+ Dither allows for quality resampling
  •     Expand your options with third-party plug-ins
If you need even more options for cleaning up and preparing your audio for further production, then you need RX 4 Advanced. RX 4 Advanced includes over a dozen additional processes and modules such as the Deconstruct module for in-depth analysis and sound isolation, Radius time and pitch control, and Dereverb reverb suppression. The new EQ Match lets you copy the EQ curve from one source to another, which is ideal for matching audio recorded over multiple sessions. Ambient Match fills in silence in edited audio by generating realistic room tone, which saves a ton of time when you're dealing with dialogue. Leveler automatically writes clip gain curves to balance out volume, effectively riding the fader. Finally, automatic loudness processing ensures that your audio complies with international industry standards.
  •     An extended toolset for advanced processing
  •     Unlock advanced functions in several modules
  •     Automatically match EQ curves and ambience
  •     Metering and loudness meet broadcast specs
  •     XML-based history tracking for forensics pros
When you're working in a professional audio-production environment, time is worth more than gold. That's where RX 4's flexible configuration comes into play, offering you several ways to integrate it into your production environment. For instance, if you just need to remove a persistent tape hiss from an otherwise-usable recording, then you can just insert the Denoiser plug-in and be done with it. But if you're prepping a whole bunch of audio from an extended shoot, then you may want to run it all through the standalone application, where batch processing can save you a ton of time. What's more, RX 4 introduces the RX Connect plug-in, which lets you send clips between your DAW or NLE and the standalone software for seamless round-trip processing.
  •     Multiple workflow options fit your production style
  •     Standalone mode provides comprehensive options
  •     Insert individual modules via lightweight plug-ins
  •     RX Connect plug-in offers round-trip processing
  •     Save time with powerful batch processing
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