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Chandler Limited LTD-2 Compressor Price In Singapore

Chandler Limited LTD-2 Compressor

Chandler Limited
The Chandler Limited LTD-2 Compressor includes free shipping to Singapore at the best price of SGD $2,402. Serviced regions include Kuala Lumpur , Klang , Kampung Baru Subang and Johor Bahru.
SGD $2,402
Product Description

The Chandler Limited LTD-2 is a hand-wired mono compressor recreating the famed 2254/2264/33609 family of compressors. The completely handmade LTD-2 uses parts and build-techniques identical to the original's. The grounding, wiring techniques, transformers, transistors, and other components that contribute to the special sound of these units have been painstakingly re-created in each LTD-2. Even the highly polished plated-steel chassis resembles the old units. Chandler has also included some improvements in the form of a 6-position attack switch and faster release times, which make the unit much more versatile, while providing that creamy sound we all crave. The Chandler Limited LTD-2 will work wonders in your rack.

Chandler Limited LTD-2 Compressor

  •     A most-clever mating of vintage and modern attributes
  •     Awesome-sounding vintage Class A compression
  •     Your sonic obsession: Chandler's mission

A most-clever mating of vintage and modern attributes

Handmade and assembled in the USA, the Chandler Limited LTD-2 is comprised of 100% discrete components and specially wound transformers, and has been painstakingly designed to match its vintage forebearers. The LTD2 uses the control circuit from the revered 80-series family of compressors, but retains the Class A amps and transformers from the 2254 and 10-series modules. Chandler added a six-position attack switch, however - which none of the vintage compressors possessed. They also sped up the release times, which gives you much more versatility. The LTD2 is warm, creamy, and a must-have in so many recording situations.

Awesome-sounding vintage Class A compression

The Chandler Limited LTD-2 is a hand-wired 2254/2264/33609 that has been handmade using parts and build techniques from the original manufacture of the modules. Grounding, wiring techniques, original transformers, transistors, and much more attribute to the special sound of these units and have been painstakingly re-created in each LTD-2. We even make our chassis to resemble the old modules- highly polished plated steel. The LTD-2 uses the control circuit from the family of compressors, but retains the Class A amps and transformers from the the 2254 modules.

Your sonic obsession: Chandler's mission

Recording engineers are always looking for fresh tonal colors and approaches when tracking - it's an obsession. Chandler feeds this addiction with their innovative take on the technologies of the past. They start with painstaking component selection. The LTD-2's parts list reads like a 40-year-old document. Seriously - they just don't build 'em this way anymore. Hand-wired and assembled in the USA, the LTD-2 utilizes 100% discrete transistor circuitry and specially wound transformers. Aside from the fact that you'll have this puppy forever, the weapons-grade build quality is a means to an end - the sound. Glorious, fat, supremely musical sound, with amazing headroom. Stock your arsenal with the Chandler Limited LTD-2 compressor.

Chandler Limited LTD-2 Compressor Features

  •     Gain reduction meter
  •     Bypass passes audio through the circuitry for color without compression
  •     6-position attack time knob
  •     6-position release knob
  •     Note: this unit requires the Chandler Limited Power Supply

Chandler Limited LTD-2 - Vintage Class A compression!

Chandler Limited LTD-2 Compressor Tech Specs

  • Number of Channels     1
  • Controls     Gain, Threshold, Attack, Release
  • Threshold     -20dB to 10dB
  • Inputs     1 x XLR
  • Outputs     1 x XLR
  • Rack Spaces     1U
  • Height     1.75"
  • Width     19"
  • Manufacturer Part Number     LTD2 Mono
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